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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather


Dew drops drip, seeping into the shelter,
Splashing, plopping, puddles forming.
Quick, fix the canopy,
Shield the garden of children from external poisons.
Our safe haven of pure saints must survive the cruel world.

Lullaby only happiness to the children,
Utter no words of the toxic exterior and
Assure the children of their perfection
As they are.

We speak for the world,
The bane of demons,
The vanguards of justice.

Vanquish all challenges!
Purge adversity from the world,
These things will only trouble our delicate flowers.
Coat obstacles in foam,
Ensure sharp corners will not harm the blossoming young.

Raze museums housing villainous works,
Those libraries of vanity and ill repute,
Hang the scholar who disputes our cause,
Those old trees bear evil fruit.

Lay siege to the fortresses of hate,
Bombard all who oppose us, they are not long for this world.
Only we can coup the wicked,
Only we
Will savor the beauty of their annihilation.

Version/Build Date
v1.0 January 14, 2016
Beta v6.0 January 14, 2016
Beta v5.0 January 12, 2016
Beta v4.0 January 11, 2016
Beta v3.0 January 11, 2016
Beta v2.0 January 11, 2016
Beta v1.0 January 11, 2016
Alpha v1.0 January 11, 2016