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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather



A curious thing falls into the mountain.
Who knows what's trapped within?

Like meeting old friends,
Lavender hallways house a golden cradle
Where temptation flowers and festers
To override instinct.
It fills one's soul with something powerful.

A voice says
All conflicts are black and white,
It's kill or be killed.
But butterscotch aroma placates the field.

Mother, in solitude,
Laments independence
In this earthbound venture one must


A watchful thicket is silent
By the cerulean path where
Jester plays
To lift the mood.

Aspiration daydreams
And partakes in rather...
And broken puzzles impede the chilly trek,
But fills my soul something uplifting.

Frost joins the voyage
Where fights are black and white,
You or me,
Kill or be killed.
Should I truly still my soul?

Ivory blocks the road
And our spar moves my spirit to a leap,
Then a standstill.
This fellow seems chill to the bone.
Is it only kill or be killed on this earthbound journey?


Shadows lurk the ancient fuchsia marsh
Lit little in artificial starlight.
Here trees have eyes
And flowers ears
Which sob or weep to the air of
Hopes and dreams

A hidden melody murmurs
To no one in particular,
But for we who listen,
It fills our souls with something thrilling.

Shadows strike, armored in scales rough to the touch.
Our duel is black and white,
Kill or be killed,
But this undying furious fire
I understand.

Believe in my soul
And the quality of my mercy.
Learn of humanity truly;
Study my earthbound odyssey.


Missteps hinder progress
In another medium tinged cinnabar.
The watchful
Savant plays spotter, navigating
Through the mind maze and
Round the metal headache.

These binary clashes of
Kill or be killed,
While shackled in webs,
Tested to the core,
Challenged to a dance of death that moves my soul,
They fill me with something encouraging.

And suddenly,
After all this
The earthbound excursion quiets,
Slows to a hum.


Where have my choices led
And what happens now?

Who will judge the true nature of my soul,
This weight I carry inside?

Who has witnessed my conquest
Of love or mercy?

Who remains and how will my tale be remembered?

As these answers unfold
I am filled with determination.

Version/Build Date
v1.0 January 19, 2016
Beta v3.0 January 15, 2016
Beta v2.0 January 12, 2016
Beta v1.0 January 12, 2016
January 11, 2016
Alpha v1.0 January 11, 2016
January 4, 2016