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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Pre-Alpha? Alpha? Beta? Gold?

Longer pieces of writing will be released (sometimes periodically, sometimes sporadically) in updated versions or builds. Changelogs for these releases will be provided with a list of fixes, changes, additions, removals, and other modifications unique to that version or build. At any point during a project all forms of feedback and criticism are welcome and encouraged.

Pre-Alpha: project is still a concept. Ideas and structures and functions have yet to be implemented, but some fragments and figments of the project exist. This is a very early, choppy, bare bones version of a project.

Alpha: project is still in its first draft/iteration and is therefore unpolished, and still requires a great deal of work and attention. Syntax, flow, narrative, word choice, sentence structure, characters, and everything else possible might very well be thrown out or heavily modified in the future. Poor/rough quality is intentional and to be expected in Alpha because otherwise I would edit it to death/perfection before moving on to other parts of the project and therefore the project would never be finished. An Alpha version is no where near completion and in no way reflects how the final version will look, read, feel, sound.

Beta: project is at least in its second draft/iteration. Earlier versions of a Beta release still require a lot of work. Anything from Alpha could be greatly improved, fleshed out, polished, or could be completely removed, reformed, or otherwise drastically changed. Later versions of a Beta release are far closer to a complete, final version. Every update is one step closer to how the final version will look, read, feel, sound.

Gold: project is in its final form. Any updates past this point are small fixes or edits unless otherwise specified in changelogs.

Any similarities to software/video game updates/patches are entirely intentional.