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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

From the Pale Blue Dot

Launch yourself into the world.
Persevere in that grueling push against gravity
And announce your existence to the universe.

Tell the universe of your triumphs and victories,
Tell to the stars your fears and defeats.
Broadcast the story of humanity to those like we
Who are bathed in this wondrous cosmos.

Ascend, and
Tell the galaxies of your pain and suffering,
Tell to the ever-expanding darkness your loves and desires,
They are as valid as any other.
Sing and write and draw and play,
Laugh and cry and dance and speak;
Fill time and space with your presence,
With that starstuff within.

Tell the nebulae of our evils and cruelties,
But share too, with the moons and suns, of glory and kindness.
Tangential rays of light shall learn both of our atrocities
And our benevolence.

Create stories worthy to set sail the cosmic infinite.

Express your internal universe that ours may listen
And make your stand in the pale blue dot.

"From the Pale Blue Dot"
Version/Build Date
Beta v1.0 January 31, 2016
Alpha v1.0 January 29, 2016