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Inner Greatness

Every soul has something to say; tell it to the world.

People are woefully inefficient at accomplishing their goals, both as individuals and as groups. One of the reasons for this is because of the difficulty of overcoming adversity and the constant temptations that pull us away from what we want most.

Most of the time, not even we are conscious of what we truly desire most. What we truly desire most is locked away somewhere within our soul.

The soul is an internal essence within each individual. It is the fragment of a person that drives each choice, that strives so immensely for a certain thing that it will push a person beyond the thresholds of pain, failure, and opposition. In the face of a challenge the soul is neither deterred nor reluctant to advance, but an inner flame ignites that fuels and expresses the best qualities of an individual.

It is absurdly difficult to satisfy this inner self, but it is certainly not an impossible feat.

One of the reasons many never reach this pure form of self lies in the fact that many people never discover or investigate what it is that drives them. The only way to know what the soul desires most must first be acknowledged, and then understood, by the individual in question. But there exists no singular guideline, no holy template, no essential format one can look to for direction because the language of the soul is so unique, so amorphous, so intangible, so infinite, that it could take years to make sense of even the slightest piece of one's self.

For some, beginning to understand the soul can come fairly quickly. Perhaps their soul whispers a little each day because on a daily basis their body or mind comes into contact with the soul's desire. The mumbling of other souls may be less frequent, or in fact other souls may never even tingle or make itself known; perhaps what they desire most is so distant, either in time or space, that a soul will rot and suffer in turmoil, believing itself alone in so vast and infinite a universe.

A single person may seem so small in such an infinite, outwardly-expanding universe.

The day to day things may hinder the soul, either in small or big ways. Over time the casual things can either break a person, causing apathy, or frustrate a person, and serve as fuel in search of feed for one's soul. Whole lives can be spent inefficiently, whole souls wasted, if the day to day fails to invest in some future discovery of self.

Often times there are others in the world who can help in unlocking the self; some chord of these souls resonate with one another, are drawn to each other and, if possible, are natural compliments. Yet it is still likely that these individuals cannot help in understanding the other's inner language; they can help understand some clue or detail, but beyond that are disconnected.

Years of introspection are often the sole cure for discovery.

A single person may seem so enormous in such an infinite, inwardly-expanding universe.

The great artist, great scientist, great philosopher, or great competitor does not come about by accident, and neither do any of these discover themselves easily nor at a similar point in time of their lives. Each must be tended to, nourished with care, cultivated patiently, and tested consistently. It must be within their purest, inner-most being that they be driven to raise the young so that all future generations may climb to a plateau far higher than their predecessors.

When a person begins to satisfy the soul there is a shaking and trembling no one else can feel. It is neither physical nor mental, but the sensation is there in some inexplicable manner. As the soul nibbles away on the crumbs of its desires, no obstacle will ever be too challenging to overcome. Good order and discipline are the foundations upon which greatness is achieved, for greatness favors the audacious.

When confronted with adversity the soul shivers in delight because it believes there is no force more powerful than itself in the world. But a person who has not practiced either patience or fortitude will crash upon failure, thinking himself incapable. When failing against adversity, the patient will become enraged and infuriated in such a way as to push the fortified mind, body, and soul to heights never before possible. For the very great people, there truly is no force greater than himself, and the adversity satiates the soul more than the average challenge.

As the soul excites and begins to enjoy larger portions, the shaking and trembling eventually transition into a rumbling and a quaking, all as one strives forward.

No method of communication or medium of expression is more perfectly suited for a soul than the one most alluring and curious to the individual which immediately creates an unbreakable soular love. Over time, if the person has worked for his soul than for some ephemeral entity, his person, being, and character will become the absolute reflection of his soul. When greatness of this magnitude is achieved the taste of glory is so electrify, so shocking, so thunderous that nothing else in the world matters. In this condition, the soul has engulfed body and mind; no word, song, music, motion, or monument, prior, present, or future, will be able to accurately articulate or express what this soul has expressed. This state of being so immaculate, so brilliantly focused on excellence it can only be divine.

As coals and embers can grow to a raging inferno burning all in its path to cinders, so too can a soul. As an atom can react with another to unleash its inner pressure to create an impression so massive and lasting that it haunts the world, so too can a soul.

But no greatness is ever accomplished truly alone. Of the countless companions and teachers one is to encounter throughout their life, all have contributed some growth, some inkling, as simple as warning us away from fruitless roads. This influence is as useful and practical any other.

All greatness begins with a single step forward, followed by many others.

Let the world tremble as it senses all you are about to accomplish.
- Luís Vaz de Camões