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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Dead Dream Sacrilege

A man is held in a room. There is enough space in this room to support his full wingspan, and little more. But it is more than a room; it is more a home, a domicile whose borders are defined by vertical steel bars. He must use his given time and space to repay what he owes.

To that end he tills the soil, his floor, and grows what he can. The yield is minimal for he lacks reliable resources. He must find seeds to sow, material with which to fertilize the ground, and water with which to nourish his crop, all within his own borders.

He manages his yield so that he may have enough to eat, but the rest he must sell. Onlookers inspect his crop, but only few buy before moving on. What little he earns he must drop into a hole in the ground just outside his borders. It is a deep, vertical hole; he can neither see the bottom of the hole, nor hear when coins collide at the bottom. Still, he remains hopeful that one day he will manage to repay all he owes.

He cannot see beyond the confines of his home for there are walls and terrain that obscures and limits his sight. But beyond his perspective are others. They are just like he. They are men and women who toil within their homes whose borders are set by vertical steel bars. Some work the land, others perform for onlookers, certain others narrate tales to onlookers. And they too must fill a deep hole in the ground with their earnings before they can be set free.

The onlookers are the sole consumers these people can rely on. Some onlookers do not know how they find themselves here, but they play along nevertheless. When they leave the area they can look back and read the name of the exhibit: You Can Lead an Educator to Knowledge, But You Cannot Make Him Think.

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Alpha v1.0
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December 1, 2015