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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Powerless and Disconnected

All seems fine one moment but an instant later all goes utterly wrong. Everything ceases and a bar runs toward the right. But the bar never reaches its destination.

The phone chirps to notify that a wireless network is available, should you need it. The router has betrayed you, or perhaps the modem. But why?

The fuck?

Skype is attempting to reconnect...
Steam is attempting to reconnect...
The last bits of data that managed to squeeze through allow you to read a post from some minutes or seconds ago, but that information has aged, second by second.

A white page loads, a dormant T-Rex stands,
Unable to connect to the Internet.

ipconfig /all

Connection to the router are fine. Yet, because something has malfunctioned you are trapped and confined within the walls of the room, and the CPU fan seems louder, mocking you while you lose touch with net.

Router lights and modem lights blink, slowly
Slower than usual
Perhaps struggling to swipe at the air for a loose byte or two that've gone astray
The clocks strike thirteen and all production has ceased for so silly a reason.

And you'd think by now this wouldn't be a problem.