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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

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The Fountain is Poisoned and If I, Too, Were a Monster

The fountain is poisoned.
Who owns responsibility?

I see no hands raised, and no one stands,
Yet the fountain is poisoned.
Am I to believe it poisoned itself?
Who was in office?
Who was in command during this time?

You are culpable,
You know who you are.
You are culpable, and you'd better run.
You'd better run because you've poisoned the well.

You've contaminated these waters,
Your corrosive greed has bled into them.
You've harmed those born of flint, those you've lead,
Sapped from the spirits you were supposed to nurture,
Fed deceit and lies packaged as promises.
Their bodies will forever be shackled to a mountain
Weighing them down til death,
All because you've poisoned the well.

But take solace in knowing that I understand you.
I do not ascribe malice to your actions
Or lack thereof,
For I would do as you have done
If I, too, were a monster.
There is no need for Lovecraft when you're here,
Sat comfortably among us.

If I, too, were a monster
I, too, would justify the high price of education.

If I, too, were a monster
I, too, would allow the high price of medicine.

If I, too, were a monster
I, too, would remain sat silent,
Alter evidence,
Forgo sense, reason, and intellect,
And altogether avoid accountability.

If I, too, were a monster
I, too, despite possessing knowledge,
Despite years of rigorous study,
And high academic talk,
Would never question nor challenge something so profitable.

It is easy to be brave behind a castle wall.
It is easy to be happy when not besieged by hunger.
It is easy to be comfortable with a seemingly secure future.

But the truth is spilling out,
As the poison has leaked into homes,
And you'd better run,
Because you are culpable.

You'd better run,
You'd better believe you'd better run,
Because you've poisoned the well.
And though the fountain is poisoned
I have armed siege engines with vengeance set aflame,
Battering rams spiked with conviction,
And corps, legions, brigades of willpower.
You'd better run
Because I will march to your walls,
Breach your fortress,
Set fire to your estate,
And justify my reasons
With your blood.

"The Fountain is Poisoned and If I, Too, Were a Monster"
Version/Build Date
Beta v3.0 February 18, 2016
Beta v2.0 February 17, 2016
Title Change
Beta v1.0 February 9, 2016
??? January 28, 2016
Alpha v1.0 October 16, 2015