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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Practice 10.9.2014

No Man's Land v0.1
What do you do,
They ask,
For a living?
They forget
Our generation
Has no living.

Last Man Standing v0.1
I see the last apple.
It is all that remains.
It is within my grasp, and I have an angry stomach.
But an old hand taps the apple,
And it dissolves into sand,
Lost in the desert.
All I can do is starve.
So I starve.

Today's the Day v0.1
Today's the day I finally do it.
I've thought on it long enough,
So today's the day, the day
I close my eyes for good.
I've endured enough,
I've cried enough,
I've died enough,
To endure this any longer.
Once the deed is done:
No more torment or despair
Or pain or fear.
Today's the day I finally get some sleep.
But I have no coffee left.
Damn it.
Oh well, fuck it.
I'm overworked and underpaid anyway.
Who needs a job?
I'd rather be happy.