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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

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Where Legends Gather

The Storm's Fury

Once more I find myself upon this rift,
Summoned to fight a war for which I do not care.
But then I feel a gentle blowing breeze
That whispers, softly, calmly, into my ears.
Whan Zephirus eek with his sweete breeth,
Inspir├Ęd hath in every holt and heeth,
The leaves and bushes rustled and swayed to the air,
And then she appeared to me.
And then I knew I was not alone,
Walking the old hills of this rift
With the beautiful gentle goddess by my side.
We speed through space,
Windforce hastens my stride,
A tailwind lifting my feet with ease,
And we are first upon the battlefield.

Gently she glides, a commanding aura about her
Carefully keeping our foes at bay.
And she is not clumsy like I,
For she does not collide with the endless combatants.
A rapid change of heart-our foes dash forward
And I am in their sights.
So my time has come, has it?
But the gentle goddess casts Zephirus,
Slowing their advance,
And granting us chance to escape,
Windforce hastening my stride,
A tailwind lifting my feet with ease.

While on the retreat, our foes chase.
They fire projectiles,
But the gentle goddess waves her staff
And the air shields me, staring tempests in the eyes
While a soothing wind whispers that I am safe.
The gentle winds slowly build,
Build, build,
And a great tornado lunges forward,
Knocking our foes airborne.
My chance to strike is now,
I, in the eye of the storm,
Shielded and empowered,
Our enemies in chaotic disarray,
And together we strike!
Again we cheat death,
With Zephirus on our side,
And howling gales impairing their offensive line.
All the while
Windforce hastens my stride,
And a tailwind lifts my feet with ease.

A storm approaches,
And we find ourselves surrounded.
Surely this must be the end of the line.
But once more the elemental wind finds a way,
The gentle winds turn violent,
And the once-gentle goddess summons turbulent winds,
The air gyrates rapidly
And a whirling maelstrom roars,
The goddess calls forth nature
And a great monsoon blows away our foes,
But in the eye of the storm,
I again find opportunity to strike,
And at long last the fight comes to an end.
They made her furious and impatient,
And she quickly turned violent, like the winds.
Now together we've survived,
With the gentle goddess by my side,
Windforce hastening my stride,
A tailwind lifting my feet with ease.

And they thought it was just a harmless breeze.

Where Legends Gather
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