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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

The Eye of Twilight

It is my duty to set things right,
To amend injustice
And bring about balance.
Life, death, pain, pleasure:
There must always exist
An opposed, equal reaction.
While my allies force their hands elsewhere
I will take out their structures on my own
And silently
I will strike from the shadows.
But as balance dictates, I will join you when I am needed.

Rest assured my eyes and senses are ever watchful:
When the time is right, I will be by your side,
No matter the distance, we shall set things right
If your spirit, waning, calls to me, I will shield you from our foes.
I will be willing to die if need be.
When our goals are aligned, I shall come to your aid,
We shall turn the tides of battle.
We will place them in a dire situation:
Dire them,
Not dire us,
Because we shall always stand united.

I will distract them while you get to safety.
I can take their hits, their arrows, their swords, their magic,
I’ve long ago learned to ignore pain.
I can take it...must take it...
I must take it all—in the name of balance.
When I enter the fray, position yourself well:
I will rush toward them and taunt their futile efforts.
I collide with them and feel refreshed, as they miss my shadow dash.

They do not possess my discipline, my stamina.
I can endure everything.
Equilibrium dictates that I am to endure.
With lightning decisions and precise timing I will survive:
They will never break through my defensive feint.

And when we have won the battle
I can drain whatever life they have remaining.
I will lead the charge and endure their turrets.
Strike, and destroy their buildings.
I will lead the charge and mark the target.
Strike, and the target will heal you
Through my trained art of vorpal blades.

Summon me again
If you are in need of assistance.

Where Legends Gather