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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

The Chain Warden

A green lit lantern paves the way
While he drags the chains behind,
Where there is a green and spectral face,
There is a permanent
Sinister smile
With empty eyes peering into your soul.

He collects souls of the dead,
The soldiers of damnation,
Who once sought honor, riches
Peace and shelter
But all their gold and all their wealth
Is meaningless, as
The warden drags his chains
And cling
Go the chains
As they scrape the ground
Scratch concrete
And cling
Go the heavy, iron
Chains of the warden.

Quenching blood, he throws his scythe
He casts the chains around you
His prey,
He pulls you near, tugs you close,
With his shackles
He lunges himself forward.
He flies over walls
Wherever you are
And thus you have your death sentence.

When you run, the warden plays,
He ignites his lantern to search and find a way
It is over when he says.
While you run and hide
From the cling
Of the iron chains
He follows the lantern’s light
And thus, he walks the dark passage
Down a mad
Mad life.

Evermore you flee
Evermore he chases.
The cling
Cling of the iron chains chant,
The rattle
Rattle of the iron chains sing
As he follows.
One mistake
And he swings his chains around
He trips you, and down you go
And he knocks you back,
Forward and backward he flays.

Relentlessly he chases you down
Relentlessly he flings and twirls his chains
And from beyond the grave
He raises haunted walls.
He cackles
He screeches
He chokes
On his own laughter.
Here is your last breath
He has broken you
He releases your soul
And here he harvests you
Within the lantern
Within the prison
Within the box
Of the chain warden.

Where Legends Gather