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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Maven of the Strings

She plays a hymn, a hymn of valor
That cuts as well as any blade.
Quickly she plucks the strings,
The tone plays, follows
The tone strikes,
And it always
Strikes the soul.

And powerful chords
Inflict a lasting impression.

She then plays an aria, one of perseverance,
Rejuvenating the heart, reinforcing the body
When a battle goes awry, her melody
Oh how it inspires!
Oh how it persists!
Her music, it resonates
Her sonata, it persuades us
That the beauty and magic of
Her music and hex is special.

And powerful chords
Exhaust all aggression.

She performs a song of celerity
To avert with nearby threats. Her song
Electrifies the body
Into haste. So we go on
And remain alive.
Her melodic spells always were
And always will
Be there to aid us.

And powerful chords
Thwart danger with repression.

She appears harmless
And cannot speak
But she understands
That everything that exists – vibrates
Everything that vibrates – sings.
And so
Restlessly she sings,
Her fingers dance, the instrument adheres
To execute a finale that is a stunning

Where Legends Gather