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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

Nation, Spy, Assassin

You hide, you hide in the shadows,
From the darkness you strike,
Unseen, unheard, you are without honor,
You serve only to poison, only to hunt,
To assassinate and retreat again,
Therein lies your weakness,
You are not noble, you are a coward.
Go on! Hide in the darkness, Ninja!

You fight for a lord, a lord who controls,
And who himself is ignoble
You are his tool – as are you a fool.
Nothing but a weapon of war, a machine.
In the name of the state
You have committed atrocities
And exploited the weak,
Those you trained so long to protect.
Is this the way of the Samurai?

Blades strike…
Blood spills…


Shuriken thumps on armor,
Shuriken shielded by blade.
Smoke pellet…
Smoke slowly sets…

Chirp, chirp, chirp…
Wood creaks…
Wood moans…
Twig snaps