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Where Legends Gather

The Sad Mummy

And here I thought you'd never notice me.
You know, I awoke one day in a dark
And damp loneliness of a sepulcher,
But why, I do not know or understand.
My body, bones, and blood were tied, restrained,
And sealed beneath green and agèd bandage.
So strange a sense within my heart, a dark
And empty shell that beating pulse it lacked.
What have I to give the world but burden,
But sadness, sorrow, grief, and tears? A pox
Of cursèd touch that steals and weakens life,
Where nothing beside remains but despair.

I dragged my heavy, burdened body out
Laying witness to the vast stretches of
Sand. A hollow wind whimpered and whined where,
In a sea of sand, lay sunken relics,
Visage to shattered civilization.
I emerged from a giant pyramid
But in this barren and deserted place
No one could claim it as their home or own,
Like I, who knows no one and no one knows.
I walked many miles under a golden
Sun, glaring and scorching the shifting sand
That slowly summoned sandstorms against me.
But O was I tenacious, strong, and tough,
I endured the buffeting, and from it
I can draw a vile, violent tantrum.

But now that I have found this place of warmth
I have found many people to befriend.
Come play with me and we'll have lots of fun.
I know you too can feel pain and sorrow,
Let me give you a hug to wash away
That heavy sense of dread, fear, and sorrow.
And I will toss my bandages to you,
And leap to your side to comfort the pain.
Let me wrap you in my gauze, that the hurt
May and will fade permanently away.
We are entangled in the same bandage,
So please stay still a while and play with me,
Don't you want to let loose and break this hex?
To undo the curse of the sad mummy?
So come now, and let's be friends forever.

Where Legends Gather
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