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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

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Where Legends Gather

Avarice of the Fool

     “What’s that like?” he asked.

     “It is whatever you want it to be like,” responded the other, “as long as it exists.” They continued to stare at the luminous stars of night. A breeze passed by and traveled through every crevice with a cool feel.

     “How long can it exist for?” he asked with a curious tone turning towards the other.

     “It is something that can last as short as a heartbeat…or as long as the sun shines.”

     He turned back and looked at the stars some more. The two were engulfed by wilderness; a spot in the center of the forest where trees surrounded them. The moon glinted towards them which gave a dark blue vision to their eyes.

     He stood up and stretched out his arms and legs. He made a huge yawn and then spoke to the other, “We should be getting back…it is a late hour,” he held out his hand to help the other up.

     While he desperately attempted to shake off the cold air that hit him on the way up, he came up with another question.

     “Is there something else that gives the same feeling of warmth as this?”

     The answer was hesitant, “There is always love…but, they are essentially the same thing, I suppose,”

     “Love? Is it stronger than friendship?”

     “I’m not too sure,” he said with qualm.


     The two walked amongst the trees with the constant thud of slow paced footsteps landing on the forest floor.

     “What was it like?”

     “It was dark…and cold,”

     “Dark and cold like right now?”

     “No, much darker and colder; it was simple, too. The thought of being alone was different than this. I feel warm now.”

     “How long was this for?” he asked with worry.

     “I haven’t a clue. Weeks, months…too many days passed to count,” he said.

     The thought of asking whether he had eaten during that time crossed his mind but he wanted to keep his money to himself.

     “Well, as long as there is life there is hope.”

     “Hope? Does that last forever too?”

     He grinned, “You ask too many questions,” he paused to think of his name, but realized he never bothered to find out. Finally having reached the purlieus, distant lights from a nearby village melted the darkness away and amazed him.

     “Is that hope?”

     “A little,” he responded with a snicker.

     “Is that also where I can find love and friendship?”

     “…Yes,” the corner of his eyes looked towards the being. He quickly drew a dagger from the layers of his cloak and sallied towards him; he’d pierced his heart.

     “And you’ll also find human greed,” he said, “it will never leave from this ground as long as humans live.” He withdrew the dagger as the body landed. He cleaned off the blood; the bandit searched for bounty on his victim but found none.

     “Pitiful fool,” he said as he walked away, “never trust.”

Written 02.01.2008