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Mistakes Were Made - Work in Progress -

(Alpha v1.0.1)

Where Legends Gather

.Apocalypse Bringers.

Take a seat
Start the game
Prepare to defeat
Get online, always the same

Hmm…game is set
I’ll just join
No need to fret
Late or early; side of a coin

Capture the Flag?
This ought to be good
Hopefully this map won’t lag
Samus and Trace, I and .Lock-off.

.Anarchy. and .James.
Noxus and Trace, Death Freeze combo?
Alinos Perch, awesome map, nothing lame
Ah, sniper—you’re moving to and fro

.Lock-off. to the flag
Nearby target, zoom and fire
Nub, where’s your tag?
Not to the flag…damn…liar

A half hour long battle
We can do in seven minutes
Perhaps more than we can handle
And where the hell were the rockets?

Final score is tied
Great teamwork and great fights
Therefore no need to hide
Yet, until next time will you show lights

Written 02.27.2008